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PheareuS a posted Aug 20, 14
We have news on the merger!

Weekly Update 8/7/14

PheareuS a posted Aug 8, 14
Carbine threw a patch up today.

Most notable might be the slight change to PvP gear rolling random rune colors.


PheareuS a posted Aug 4, 14
Hey Rapscallions!

Some of you know me by now, but in case you do not, I'm PheareuS.  I took over for Exanimus as Real Life decided he didn't need to have fun anymore.  :-D

I wanted to take the time to give you some info on me and the plans moving forward.

Ill post some quick info on me here.

Also check the forums for more info to come and please post any suggestions you think would be beneficial to the guild!

Happy Hunting!

Open season!

Flabby posted Jun 28, 14
Saturday at around 2 PM EST we will be clearing all inactive players that have been offline for over 3 weeks and we will begin our regular cycle of clearing people who have been inactive for over a month. We will opening all slots to newcomers and alts alike. Catch one of the officers or recruiters around that time to get an invite.

Good luck and....have fun!
Komatiite Flabs the man! Keeping the guild ROCK SOLID.
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