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Strain Ultradrop: Devspeak

Exanimus a posted Jun 30, 14

Open season!

Flabby a posted Jun 28, 14
Saturday at around 2 PM EST we will be clearing all inactive players that have been offline for over 3 weeks and we will begin our regular cycle of clearing people who have been inactive for over a month. We will opening all slots to newcomers and alts alike. Catch one of the officers or recruiters around that time to get an invite.

Good luck and....have fun!
Komatiite Flabs the man! Keeping the guild ROCK SOLID.
Think you look good? Want to show off your painstakingly assembled and died costume? Want a chance to earn some C.R.E.D.D. for it?!

Take a picture of your character standing still at the character select screen using your Print Screen key on your keyboard. Like this:

By default, the image will be saved to Documents>NCSOFT>Wildstar>Screenshots. Send that screenshot to me at tim (at) no later than midnight on June 30th!

I will crop all entries to remove the character name, and then post them to be voted on by your peers. The winning costume will receive on C.R.E.D.D. from me!

Show me what you've got!
Komatiite Time to show everyone how rock solid I am!
Zepius are you going to be biased against the Aurin since you hate them so much?
Flabby has written a great quick post about what to do at level 50, especially if you want to raid with the guild!

Rapscallions Dance Party!

Exanimus a posted Jun 15, 14

Full size here.

Another couple of good ones here and here.

Thanks to everyone who could make it!
Komatiite So many rock solid people. Aurin's in the front, and big goofy granoks in the back
Kosen Haha, it looks like I'm riding on that big Granok in the bottom left's shoulder. And then I'm blocked in the other two . ...
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